“Janashree “ News Channel in the offing, from Bellary Reddy Circle?

21.05.10 Mangalore : Since Congress and JD(S) have their own TV news channels and news letters in print, how can BJP and the Gali Reddy brothers lag behind by 2 years or more? So “Janashree” makes its appearance to help the Bellary mine owners to realize their dreams and tell their own stories to the people at large. This channel will represent BJP views and trusts in public life as well. Right now, such a channel is getting into form, reports a prominent Bangalore city daily that mirrors new exciting initiatives in a world city.

Everyone knows that in Tamil Nadu, DMK and JJ have their own Tamil IV news channels, while Balthackeray of Shivsena in Mumbai has his Marathi daily ‘Samna’. How can anyone stop Bellary Reddy ministers from having a new channel covering local on goings in Karnataka?

At any rate, the Gali Reddy brothers, with their wealth and influence, cannot be held back from start in “Janashree” to please the people. Recently they were reeling under the sharp tongue attacks via CM in Raj Bhawan, by the North Indian governor who summoned the Reddys for enquiry. Their experiences and feelings are worth knowing by the “Aam Admi” who wants a sincere and transparent governance, in a world city (of I.T.)know as Bangalore.

We will not go into the economics of a new TV channel or a mouthpiece in print . the fight is between congress and BJP, after the latter’s debacle in GP elections, with people brought into focus for viewing and hearing.

‘Janashree’ will be based in Koramangala, a posh locality of Bangalore. It may start by Dasara on an auspicious day, with no strings attached by ambitious politicians of hot and dry Bellary dt. Let us for the event.


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